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Is the biotransformation of toxins in the cells of the body through phases to help for their transportation and excretion. The body has the ability to store toxins in adipose tissues for years. Toxins such as heavy metals requires targeted and methodical process to ensure  safe excretion from the body to stop it from wreaking havoc on the cells. Weight loss without detoxification can redistribute toxin back into systemic circulation to be stored in other parts of the body.


Stress Management

The body needs a balance cortisol level to mount appropriate cellular response to threats. Elevated cortisol level impairs inflammatory responses. One can make healthy food choices but without proper stress management it can lead to chronic illnesses.


Weight Gain

Weight gain is not just cause by high caloric intake but can have a multifactorial cause such imbalance hormonal regulation. Crap foods that are not only high caloric but also nutrient deficient, stress and toxins that exacerbate the situations. Having a normal BMI alone is not optimal weight/health. People can have “normal” BMI but can still hoard a lot of visceral fat, which can lead to dysfunction of the organs involved and lead to chronic inflammation.

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My Story

Meet Louisa Asare MSN,APRN,FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner and Functional Medicine Consultant

I graduated in 2017 from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master in Family Nurse Practitioner and was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing in that same year. Working as a family nurse practitioner in primary care, I do believe medication is truly life saving for many people to triage and get to the root cause of their illnesses for longterm wellness rather than taming the disease. Multiple prescriptions over the long-term extend our lives but we loose the vitality of life.  My passion is to help people enjoy the full vitality of life, so I pursued a Functional Medicine Program to well prepare me in this field with the aim of  helping people to get well, feel well and stay well.

My Approach

I work with clients one-on-one via global virtual visits  and together we develop a custom personalized wellness plan that fit their current needs.

My Experience

Through my experiences and watching family and friends suffer from allergies, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic illnesses for years, the polypharmacy and the burden of illness, I felt I need to tackle the root cause of their chronic diseases. Through my education, I learnt how powerful good nutrition and healthy long-term lifestyle choices can  influence how chronic diseases can be treated by getting to the root cause. Food is information we give to our body on the status of our environment. It is the code we give to our DNA to activate which genes we want to express and which genes we want to suppress leading to the path of illness or wellness. We are not what we inherit but we are what we express. Expert guidance is needed due to the fact that a healthy food choice can still be causing inflammation in an individual. It is my passion to use my skills and knowledge to help humanity to choose the path of wellness. Your health is your wealth and your body is the only place you live in for as long as you have the breath of life. Invest in your health and minimize susceptibility to diseases.

Before I was introduce to Louisa by my friend I have gained 70 Ibs due to childbirth and was fatigued all the time with no energy or motivation to do anything. She helped me loss the weight and rediscover the best version of myself.


Atlanta, Georgia

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